Insurance Agents’ Errors and Omissions

We defend insurance agencies and agents in suits brought by individuals, corporations and insurance companies.  The firm consults with members of the Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia and provides education to its members.

Lawsuits may arise when an insurer denies a claim for any number of reasons.  We are also active in representing insurance agencies in regard to potential claims.  Typically, a customer will sue an insurance agent claiming that the policy requested was not obtained or that the policy was insufficient.  Other cases involve situations when an insurance company claims that the insurance agent improperly obtained coverage from the insurance company.  We have defended claims involving allegations of negligence, fraud, conversion, and racketeering (RICO).  In many instances, we have been successful in obtaining judgment for the insurance agency prior to trial.  Examples of such cases are published in the State of Georgia and include the following:  Fregeau v. Hall, 196 Ga. App. 493 (396 SE2d 241)(1990);  Brooks Brown Insurance Agency, Inc. v. Harden, 236 Ga. App. 781 (531 SE2d 755)(1999);  Lee v. American Central Insurance Company and Kaplan-Walker Insurance Services, Inc., 241 Ga. App. 650 (530 SE2d 727)(1999).